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East Kingdom Combat Archery
"....... Now flames, the blazing fire, must devour the lord of warriors who often endured the iron tipped arrow shower, when the dark cloud loosed by bow strings broke above the shield wall, quivering; when the eager shaft, with its feather garb, discharged its duty to the barb." -- from Beowulf

Contained within is the most accurate collection of East Kingdom Combat Archery-related information. As such, when in doubt, look here for the answer as the attached documents and links SHOULD be the most up-to-date.

For Combat Archers of the East: Updated East Kingdom CA Rules AND East Kingdom Conventions of Combat Archery are now posted. Please review them as they are REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE as part of your authorization. The Rules are part of East Kingdom Law. The Conventions are decrees by either the Earl Marshal or the Kingdom Combat Archery Marshal which have not been enacted into Kingdom Law but are in effect and required. Obviously pay particular note to any issues of safety.

For Combat Archery Marshals: Please study the rules intensely as you are the frontline for responsibility when insuring the rules are being followed. The Conventions list MOST of the rules but not all (particularly regarding authorization of new CA's) so please read BOTH documents carefully. ALL CA Marshals should be working toward their full Heavy Marshal status as well as authorization in a second weapons form. Please see me if this is not clear.

For Non-Combat Archers (be they Royalty or Spectator): The Combat Archery community is both humbled and aware of the supportive members of the East Kingdom who have allowed us to grow and become an integral part of the battlefield experience. As we continue to seek even more heightened safety and parity with other weapons forms, please feel free to both guide us and aid us. The support of the Royalty, Chivalry, Heavy List community and Autocrats has been steady and strong in the East while it continues to struggle in other Kingdoms. We endeavor to set the standard high for others to follow. We thank you for aiding us in that ongoing crusade.

As your Kingdom Combat Archery Marshal, I am excited to help you all have the most productive and enjoyable experience possible both on and off the battlefield. Please contact your Regional Marshal (listed on the Contacts page) for information. If they cannot assist you, please do not hesitate to email me directly at

Baron Hrafn Breidskegger
East Kingdom Combat Archery Marshal

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Rules & Conventions Pertinent to Combat Archery

EK CA Policies

Resources page

Olaus Magnus - History of the Nordic Peoples (from 1555) Book  4, Ch. 11.  On Instruction in Archery.


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